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We specialize in buying car notes, bhph auto notes and providing Cash for BHPH Dealers and have assisted BHPH dealerships with their needed cash flow since 2002. Our company has the experience and resources to maximize the amount you get for your bhph auto notes.

Why would someone want to sell their BHPH Car Notes, Bulk Auto Notes, bulk auto paper?

Advantages to you:

  • Improve cash flow.
  • Reduce capital exposure.
  • Reduce servicing overhead costs.
  • Turn inventory and help expand your business.
  • Enhance operating efficiency.
  • Help re-establish your customer’s credit
  • Interest or Yield
    People will sell their income streams even for less than face value because they know that with cash in hand today, they can start earning interest or yield. Interest or yield is what gives us the ability to invest money this year and turn it into an even larger amount of money next year.
  • Inflation
    Inflation eats away at the future value or “buying power” of money. You can buy more with a dollar today than you will be able to five, ten, or twenty years from now. People sell their income streams because they realize that over time, the payments they receive will drop in real value.Small payments over a long period of time have less buying power. A Lump Sum of cash today can provide you with financial stability and flexibility. Purchasing Power!
  • Bottom Line:

Cash today is worth more than cash tomorrow!
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For you to sell your car notes – auto notes, there are a few requirements you should be aware of.

  1. Accounts should be relatively current.
  2. Any Deferred down payment due on your auto notes should be completed.
  3. Auto Notes should be titled and show the dealership as the lien holder.
  4. For the best pricing for buying your auto notes, customers should have paid three or more months of payments.

Things that determine the pricing that you get are.

  1. APR / Interest rate
  2. Remaining Term / Number of payments remaining on your car notes.
  3. The collateral value compared to the remaining balance owed.