Portfolio Acquisition – Sell Your BHPH Auto Note Portfolio

Sell your BHPH Auto Note Portfolio for quicker profit on your in-house loans.

Dealer Benefits:

Get Instant Cash Flow!

Focus on your business by eliminating Collection and Servicing issues.

Increase your profit by reducing your risk.

  • Increase your cash flow and buy more inventory.
  • Increase loan sales and reinvest profits back into the core of your business.
  • Eliminate the need for a credit line or bank loan.
  • Get your money now instead of waiting for the term of the loan.
  • Improve your dealerships liquid cash flow.
  • Eliminate having to use additional assets as collateral.
  • Manage your staff and operating costs more efficiently.
  • Offer a better product to your customers.
  • Eliminate the need for outside financing.
  • Cash on hand for inventory and operations while allowing you to focus on the business of selling cars.
  • Competitive funding options from multiple lenders and funding sources.

We have been helping dealers get the most for their BHPH portfolios for over 20 years. Give us a call 615-414-6708 and let us show you how it easy it is to turn your auto notes into cash.